Angie Frank




My clients would describe me as a supportive, but honest clinician that provides a safe and comforting space.

I am easy to talk to and willing to meet clients where they are at to achieve their goals and meet their therapeutic needs. I work hard to ensure the therapeutic setting is a positive one. I work best with tweens, teenagers, and young adults that have experienced trauma, are experiencing anxiety, or other areas of mental health that are interfering with everyday functioning.

I can assist parents with navigating the challenges of school systems including special education, Individualized education plans (IEPs), and 504 plans. I have worked with providers within the schools collaborating to advocate for the individualized needs that mental health may be interfering with.

What Can My Child Expect?

The greatest connection I have with my clients is knowing I am not another adult in their life telling them what to do. They have input in their treatment! The teens that I work with know I am an advocate and support for them providing a genuine approach, however, they are also aware of my expectations.

Tweens/teenagers are way too savvy and can see right through adults that are providing support that is anything other than genuine and why I work hard to ensure their experience in a therapeutic setting is a positive one.

However, I also set clear boundaries that allow for a reciprocation of difficult topics to be addressed in sessions that may create uncomfortability and resistance.

This is when the fun usually begins! With the younger/teenagers the healing process always resembles the tougher behaviors and responses before things start to get better and a little easier to discuss. The consistent, safe space that is created between myself and the clients is provided within the reassurance they are always able to try again next time.

Why Am I Here?

I love what I do and the clients that I have been privileged to work with. Everyone has their own personal experiences and journey they have been working through. My experience consists of a personal trauma with a path that allowed for resiliency and healing that now allows me to work with others.

I will never claim to fully understand your experience, nor am I claiming because I experienced trauma, I understand all of it. What I am stating is that I will be able to work with you and/or your child through an individualized healing process based on what the therapeutic needs are.

Why Choose Me?

I have been working in a therapeutic setting for the majority of my life with those that have experienced trauma, behavioral/emotional needs within the school setting that are interfering with access to education, and a range of different mental health diagnoses.

I have a Master’s in Social Work, a Bachelor’s in Special Education with an endorsement of Emotional Impairment from Eastern Michigan University, and I am a trauma certified practitioner (CTP). Beyond my personal experiences I have been working with students and clients that have vicarious trauma and severe emotional/behavioral needs and others with different ranges of mental health needs.

My Specialty Areas Include



Emotional/Behavior Disorders

Special Education (IEPs)

Educational Setting Advocacy

Navigating the School System to Accommodate Mental Health Needs

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