Holly Sanders-Cobb




My clients say I’m not your typical therapist.

I don’t do “how does that make you feel” with minimal facial expression. I want you to experience therapy as an engaging and authentic space that allows you to get to the bottom of why you are here. We will laugh, there may be tears. I’m not afraid to talk about the things that you need to talk about.

I have a really good BS radar, and will make connections in your life that you may not have been aware of in the past. I work best with people whose anxiety and depression have taken over their lives, and are ready to make a change.

My Path Towards Becoming A Therapist

Why do I do what I do? I have struggled with anxiety and depression that impacted every part of my life. I had intense stomach issues, felt overwhelmed constantly, and just didn’t think I could keep going.

But I did. I put on a smile, got out of bed and kept faking all was okay; until I realized this wasn’t how I wanted to live. That there is always another way. Your journey will look different, and we won’t depend on mine; but just know that I’ve been there and I get it.

What Makes Me Different

Why am I the person to help you? Besides my lived experience, I have worked most of my adult life to help others who feel overwhelmed, lost, or stuck.

I graduated from Eastern Michigan University in 2010 with my Masters of Social Work and have worked in many agency positions helping women and children work through their own struggles. I am a trauma certified practitioner (CTP) and have worked in domestic violence and sexual assault agencies for almost a decade.

I am an EMDR trained practitioner, and utilize alternative holistic and integrative methods in healing such as plant medicine, yoga, and bodywork. Beyond my experience with anxiety and depression, I have worked with adolescence and folks impacted by substance abuse and addiction.

My Specialty Areas Include



Adult survivors of childhood trauma



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