Safe and Sound Protocol

What Is A Safe And Sound Protocol And How Can It Help?

The Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) is a 5-hour therapeutic music-based intervention designed by Dr. Stephen Porges based on Polyvagal Theory to help calm the nervous system. SSP helps clients subtly feel calmer, more connected and attuned to others in their lives through use of the middle ear.

The music is fun to listen to and allows you to stimulate the vagus nerve which is responsible for calming our bodies and nervous system. When we are calm we are able to create new brain pathways, connect to others, create stability through life transitions, and allow for a deeper participation in therapy

What Are The Benefits?

  • Greater Focus and Attention
  • Lower Anxiety
  • Better nervous system regulation
  • Improved learning
  • Enhanced Sleep
  • Reduction in Pain levels
  • Increased effectiveness of other treatment modalities such as talk therapy, EMDR, or other options

What Do I Have To Do To Get The Benefits?

The Safe and Sound Protocol can be done over 5 sessions, or broken down into smaller listening periods to help stretch out the impact. It may not feel like regular therapy. It may feel weird to utilize an auditory intervention. I have seen it calm my own family, and believe it can help you.   We are here to help you maximize the benefits of this evidence based auditory intervention

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